Meat Pusher

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As you may know, our younger daughter Alex is vegetarian, basically on ethical grounds: she loves animals, so how can she kill and eat them? We support her in that, even if it’s sometimes a hassle to cook separate meals… and it means we probably eat more vegetarian stuff than we otherwise would, which is likely good for us.

Cassie, the older one, just got a job yesterday (she starts this afternoon) at the deli counter at a local Woolworths supermarket. We were joking with her that she’s now a ‘meat pusher’: and not just the relatively benign stuff like grass-fed beef, but the hard stuff – bacon and smoked salmon and pastrami.

PS I may need to revise my earlier thoughts on God not ‘opening doors’ for us: Sue got an interview easily and got the job straight away, and so did Cass.