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It’s interesting – I very rarely swear out loud, or when I’m talking to anyone. Not particularly because I think it’s evil and I’m going to hell, just because I’m aware of the value and power of words, and like to show a bit broader vocabulary than a half-dozen swear words. I don’t have any real compunction about swearing when the occasion demands it, but still try to be considerate of whoever might be listening.

But I’m noticing that, when I’m riding the motorbike, my internal monologue is a lot swearier than usual. Not sure why that is. I’m pretty sure it’s not because I’m trying to be all tough and bikerish… and it would be pretty pathetic if I was doing that to impress myself!

I think part of it is just that the perceived extra danger and risk of riding the bike means I’m at a raised emotional state compared to my usual pretty laidback demeanour. That’s a good thing if it means I’m also extra alert and careful.

The other part is that it’s usually directed at car drivers who are worrying me, and goes along the lines: “You’d better &@*% see me, and not be talking on your phone. Don’t you *%^! dare pull out now, you %$&#!!”