A Technological Fix

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One thing I do love is the fact that there’s a fix for almost everything computer-related out there on the web forums somewhere. I was having an issue with this new laptop where every now and then as I was typing the cursor would jump to elsewhere on the page… so I’d keep on typing the same sentence but it would now be in the middle of another sentence somewhere instead of where I wanted it. As you can imagine, that was massively annoying, and would have made it hard to compose long web posts, let alone papers and books.

Went looking for a suggestion, and the first one I came across was ‘reformat the hard drive and reinstall Windows’. Um, that sounds drastic, and also like something it’s not plausible will actually solve the problem, so let’s backburner that and keep looking. Someone suggested going to the Mouse options under Control Panel and unchecking the box that says ‘Hide pointer while typing’ on the ‘Pointer Options’ tab. Tried that and thus far, fingers crossed, it’s worked perfectly… (argh, you wouldn’t freakin’ believe it: in the middle of the word ‘perfectly’ the cursor jumped again! Stay tuned for more reports!)