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You may have noticed that the counter on the right of the page that showed the number of visitors got kinda ugly for a while, the vanished. That’s because I was on a trial of the premium version, then the trial ran out and it dropped back to the (oogly) free version… and due to various computer vicissitudes, I haven’t had the tools to yank it out until today. All gone now… and kinda interesting, but not worth what it would have cost to subscribe, IMO.

House PrØn

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Our House 008

Our House 010

Car PrØn

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Our House 007

Our House 006

Bike PrØn

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Our House 004

Our House 005

Just Us

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The first two – of Sue and Alex respectively – were taken after our first day at Disneyland, waiting for the bus. The last one was on the second Disneyland day, waiting for an Alladin musical to start.

Cali&SYdney 151

Cali&SYdney 150

Cali&SYdney 135

Girls and Grandpa

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Cassie and Alex just arrived here in Brisbane today, a week after Sue and I. They’d been staying with my Dad at Brightwaters, close to Newcastle on the New South Wales coast. They hadn’t really seen him for 4 years or so, and enjoyed chatting with him, hearing lots of stories and experiences, and getting to know the area where I grew up too. Here they are with Dad at the Jenolan Caves west of Sydney.

Cali&SYdney 271


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Not that crucial, but this is just to let you know that the post on The Real and The Fake from a while ago is now illustrated with photos. More importantly, there’ll be a few photos from around the house here posted tomorrow (once it gets light enough to take ’em), and maybe a couple more from the trip this evening… time to get pictorial wid it.