A Provisional ‘Arrgghhh’

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So, picked up my new laptop, and was very pleased with its specs and so on. Discovered that someone had disabled the wireless card and re-enabled it. Started to download and install my usual suite of tweaks and tools… The first step is usually a ‘Powertoy’ utility from Microsoft called ‘TweakUI’. It allows me to have a lot more control over the Windows user interface, including getting rid of those annoying little arrows on ‘shortcut’ icons on the desktop. Download it, go to install it – and discover that I have to be an Administrator to install any software… and I’m not. What the…? How am I meant to look after and set up the tool on which all my work is done without Admin access? Must be an oversight on the part of the guy who set the machine up. So I go and mention this to him, and discover that, no, it’s policy: I don’t get admin access: if I want any software installed I log a job and he does it when he gets time.

Besides being completely insulting and infantilising, that’s just not workable: how often have I had to download a little utility and install it or something at a conference on the other side of the world to make some obscure media file work for a presentation? Being a working computer user means working with the computer, and under these constraints I really can’t.

Soooo tempting to just hack it and give myself admin access, but that would be against policy and cause questions later, and not be a great step at a new job. Very tempting too to rant and rave and kick up a fuss… but I’m doing that here so I won’t do it at work.

The situation of this lappie is complex because of my situation between campuses, so what I’m hoping will happen is that I’ll go to the other campus on Monday, talk softly, calmly and reasonably with the IT people there, and they’ll either say it’s all a mistake or recognise my 1337 sk1ll2 and give me access. I’ll definitely try the softly-softly approach first… but if that doesn’t work I’m very prepared to fight it as high as it has to go.

(And I think this kinda even has something to do with trust and the social contract…)