Reasons for selling a motorbike

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I bought a new motorbike yesterday (I don’t get to pick it up until Monday, for various Baroque financial reasons, and I’m itching to go for a ride!) I’ll have a digital camera available by Monday too (the kids will bring it with them when they arrive on Sunday), so there should be photos available pretty soon.

A funny part of the process of looking for a bike to buy was reading the reasons people gave in their ads for why they were selling the bike. One was kind of the flip-side of my reason for being in the market – ‘must sell, leaving the country’. Quite a few were along the lines of ‘very reluctant sale’, but two went a little deeper: ‘Tax time, toys must go’ was the first and ‘wife wants it gone’ was my absolute favourite!

And… We’re Back!

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Sorry ’bout the hiatus being even longer than I thought it might: I picked up the new laptop on Monday (it’s nice, and certainly a lot faster than my old 5 year old one, but kinda bland in that Dell way – I’m sure it’ll do what I need it to do), but it took the best part of a week to get the phone on at home so I can use dialup, and I haven’t been in the office a lot this week because we’ve been running around buying stuff and getting set up here. So this is the first chance I’ve had to actually sit down and write anything on the blog, but I should now have the kind of access that will allow me to go back to the normal writing schedule. I’m pretty sure comments are now working properly again too, so it should be back to life as usual.

I plan to get rid of the Neoseeker counter on the right – the free version is kinda ugly, and it’s not worth enough to me to pay for it – but for some reason my account on the laptop has not been set up as Administrator, so I can’t install software, including my web development stuff to allow me to fix that. That’s obviously something that will have to change very soon… I need the power!

PS There were 920 or so comments in the moderation queue, probably dating from the problems. 90% spam, but I salvaged maybe half a dozen of your real comments, so maybe they weren’t lost for good. Zaak’s long comment on deep linking in particular I’m happy to have been able to salvage!