New Book Chapter

I have a chapter, entitled ‘Weaving Narrative Nets To Capture School Science Classrooms’ in a new book that’s just come out from Sense Publishers. ‘Auto/Biography and Auto/Ethnography: Praxis of Research Method‘ is edited by Wolff-Michael Roth. Clicking on the book’s title will take you to Amazon for some details of the contents and approach, but clicking here will give you the opportunity to download and read the book free as a pdf (free registration is required).


Katrina, Rita and Global Climate Change

A short article by me and a few comments and discussions around hurricanes and global warming are available at The Guvnor Times. Thought I’d send you there rather than try to copy and paste it here, but we can discuss the issues here as well.



Had a great idea for a post just before bed last night, thought about writing it then but was too sleepy and thought I’d remember it in the morning, and of course didn’t remember it in the morning… Ah well, with a bit of luck it’ll float back to the surface one day…