Adding The Ads

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I’ve resisted having ads on this blog for a long time, just because I see it as something for my friends, and as something I do for fun, not profit. I’ve now decided to add some tiny, hopefully quite inconspicuous, ads from Google Adsense to the page for a couple of reasons.

The ads are way down the right side menu bar, under the categories, links, calendar and so on, so they should barely impact my readers at all. Of course, if you do decide to scroll down and click on them it’ll be worth a couple of cents to me, and I’ll be thankful. Google promises to index the content of the ads to the content of the blog, so that should be kinda intriguing all by itself: just seeing what the bots think I’m on about!

One reason for adding them is just the convenience of having a Google search bar on the site. The other is a little more devious: it’s because of the comment spam. When I look at my site stats, and discover that just one person has looked at maybe 20 ancient posts, I know it was most likely not a person at all, but a spambot. But I get paid for the ads by the pageview, and the spambot views pay just as much as the human views. So my devious scheme is to use the ads to at least partially compensate me for the time I have to spend a couple of times a week cleaning up after the spambots!