Well, that didn’t last long…

Mistress Condi and even Dubya have been pretending to be multilateralists who can work with Europe and the rest of the world lately, but the strain was showing. And choosing John Bolton, an outspoken critic of the UN who has been wishing the whole organisation away for years, as the new UN ambassador pretty much just blows that pretense out of the water. Jason’s earlier comments about America bullying ‘because it can’ pretty much sum it up…


The Religious Left?

This article on today — What would Falwell do? — is well worth reading.

One of my grad students delivered a seminar yesterday discussing the role of religion in education generally, and specifically in relation to science education. He and I are both church-attending Christians (although my perspective is a little more complicated than that), but it was really interesting to both of us to recognise that, for those of our colleagues who aren’t themselves involved in churches, ‘Christianity’ is defined in terms of the Religious Right. If you get your religion news from the media, that’s unsurprising, but it’s deeply troubling.